Find the perfect hosting plans for you

Host your site with us and you'll gain the security, flexibility, scalability, and features your business needs. We'll take care of everything from your web applications down to the bare metal. We're happy to work with your web designer to provide your clients with an optimal user experience.

Don't have a web designer? Speak to us and we'll help you find the designer to fit your needs.

Wondering about search engine optimisation? We can teach you how to optimise your site for Google and Bing. Or we can manage your SEO project for you.

For details on domains, SSL certificates and business emails please contact us. We currently host in eight different data centres world wide. With all of our packages you get to choose where you wish to locate.

Do you already have a hosting contract with another provider but lack the time and/or know-how to manage it yourself? Dedicated support time can be pre-purchased at £40 / Hour.

Or we can migrate your site to our servers for your complete peace of mind.

Freelancer                                  £20/month


•     Fully configured WordPress


•     50 GB Storage


•     2 TB Data Transfer


•     Fully managed


•     Automated Backups






Business*                                   £100/month


•     Custom content management system

(e.g. WordPress or a learning management

system such as Moodle)


•     100 GB Storage


•     3 TB Data Transfer


•     Fully managed


•     Automated Backups


•     One hour support time included / Month


Enterprise*                                £TBC/year


•     Optimized for either CPU or memory


•    Shared or Dedicated CPUs max. 40 vCPUs


•    Maximum 256 GB memory


•    Maximum 12 TB Data Transfer


•    Flexible storage option


•    Support time included




* A one-time setup fee applies to our Business and Enterprise packages

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between shared and dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting means that there are lots of different websites running from the same server. Imagine one of those other websites running on your server suddenly started using all of the server or network resources - or even stopped the server completely. That's why we will only provide dedicated cloud hosting.

Can I buy my domain name through you?

Yes! And if you host with us we can configure your SSL certificate for you free of charge.

Do you only support WordPress?

We can support any content management system, although our Freelancer package is WordPress only.

Can you design my website as well as host it?

Yes we can. Although our team specialises in development and hosting we work with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designers who can help you craft your site.

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